A landscape project is a worthwhile consideration in the early stages of your property investment. Unlike most other renovations, your landscape will appreciate in value and attraction the more time it has had to establish.



With an unrivalled view over the harbour and back towards the city, the brief for this project certainly wasn’t lacking potential.
Working alongside a great crew of builders, this major overhaul saw an overgrown garden transform into a sculptural and breath taking masterpiece. 

The fusion of a Japanese theme incorporating native plantings was quite unique. After salvaging mature dragon trees and colossal boulders from the existing site,
a collective effort produced a Zen influenced garden with a Kiwi twist. 



Nestled in the native bush of Titirangi, this client was looking to optimise on open space without disrupting the natural surroundings.
Starting with nothing but a weed-ridden bank, this prime position next to the home was set to be the site for a new deck entertainment area,
complete with a grand fireplace and built in seating.

Sitting level with the surrounding trees, this raised platform would host a massive precast concrete fireplace, built up on a solid block foundation
hidden beneath. Finished off with further native planting to fill in the spaces.



Having only recently moved in, our client wished to bring the basic ‘garden and lawn’ of the previous owner up to the same level of clean,
formal design that was present in the home. With only a small lawn that was deemed a hassle to maintain, we tied in the existing tiled outdoor
area with a paver grid pattern, offset with mondo grass to fill in the spacings and take the edge off the harsh lines.

With new bold and definitive edging in place, screening trees were planted and set up to become a clean cut pleached hedge in time,
leaving space beneath for another layer of planting and a feeling of depth within the garden.



This 4 home development in Auckland’s Eastern suburbs came to us as nothing but a section of wet clay. As they were built,
each of the homes presented a different outdoor space and view, requiring planning to not only optimise their own areas,
but enjoy all the shared spaces.

Artificial turf was laid to help keep maintenance at a minimum, with pools and decking being the ultimate place to relax and enjoy the summer sun.
Hedging provided privacy from neighbours while a tropical theme of palms and engaging foliage filled in the sections of garden. 



With lots of the right elements already in place, this stunning home in Whitford just needed some tweaking to get the pool area
and grand entrance spot on. Initially getting rid of a few stagnant ponds and replacing them with a new decked structure and seating,
the pool area was screaming for some lush planting and a feeling of subtropical relaxation. Using interesting foliage and a simple low
maintenance theme, the pool area transitioned into the perfect place for a cold drink on a hot day.

Once all the old planting and weeds were removed, the entrance garden was brought back to life with some vibrant colours set
amongst a fun walkway around the water feature centre piece.



After a massive renovation, the clients of this property wanted to keep their garden clean and elegant. Taking on a previously drawn up landscape plan,
the layout of this site was mostly in place. Modern, black stained timber fencing and retaining always helps to set off the brilliant greens of fresh planting.

Standard Ficus trees spaced along the back of the section, underplanted with medium height groupings of fragrant Gardenias,
and low level foliage beneath created a fantastic sense of layering within the garden.